Where do your swaps take place?
Currently we're swapping out of people's homes. But as our swapping contingency grows, we're looking to partner with local businesses so we can have a larger space to host our seasonal swaps.

How long do swaps typically last?
Swaps last about 2 hours, give or take. We often encourage pot-lucks after our swaps so folks can continue to hang out.

Is money exchanged at a swap?
No, lots of things are exchanged at swaps, including food, recipes, contact information, even the occasional bear-hug or two. But money is not one of them.

Do I have to be registered to attend a swap?
Yes, you must be pre-registered to participate in the swap. Pre-registration starts about 3 weeks before each event. Notification for pre-registration will be done through our email list, on the blog, using twitter and on our facebook page, as well as with the help of local listservs and neighborhood blogs

How can I get on your email list? 
It's super easy. At the bottom of this web page there is a blank field labeled "Follow by Email". Submit your email address to get updates each time new content is posted to this website. Swap announcements will always be posted here first. So subscribing to the list means you will be the first to know! Once you submit your email, be sure to look for the validation email in your Inbox. You'll need to click the validation link in order to finalize your placement on our email list.

Can I gift an item if I don't feel like swapping?
Sure can. That's entirely up to you!

How many items can I bring to a swap?
Bring a lot of one thing or a few of several things, it's entirely up to you. A general rule of thumb is: the more you bring, the more you'll take home!

Can I swap items that are not a food or beverage?
Currently we are sticking to food and beverage items. If there is enough demand to swap personal care products, and other non-consumable items, we will consider expanding our menu of swappable items.

Do I have to pay to participate in a swap?
Participation is free. Donations will be accepted to the group organizer to cover time, marketing, and supplies, but are in no way required to participate.  

Are there rules stating what constitutes a fair swap?
There are no set guidelines to determine what a fair swap is. It's up to you and the person you're swapping with to come to an agreement.

Is swapping legal?
Good question, the jury is still out on that one. The legality of food swapping is admittedly a little fuzzy. We're investigating this further and will keep you posted as we learn more. In the meantime ... isn't it kind of fun living on the edge?