About Seattle Swappers

Inspired by the food swap groups popping up throughout the country, we decided to create an organization where Seattle-area food lovers could gather to trade, celebrate and share their unique edible creations.

Seattle Swappers hosts seasonal local food swaps for homemade, homegrown and foraged delicacies.

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About the organizer
Although I am the official organizer, credit should be given to all the folks who came to our first Food Swap on April 16th, 2011 - especially Jordan and Michelle Schwartz. They got the ball rolling by organizing and hosting our first swap and, in so doing, inspired me to create an official Seattle Swappers organization.

As for me ... I’m just a food-obsessed fan of local economy and community. Nothing brings me more comfort than coming together with others who share a passion for food, community and marching to their own "beet". Seattle Swappers is like a big 'ole cast iron pot ... a hot little cauldron where unique flavors come together to mingle and merge. So dive in and come check us out! I also own Seattle Health Coaches. For more information on that business, please visit seattlehealthcoaches.com.

Swap on,
Jill Ginsberg

Other swap groups:
Here's a list of some other swap organizations across the country, and abroad. If you've started a new swap group and would like to be included on our list, or if you've been around a while and we somehow missed you, please email us at seattleswappers@hotmail.com.